Chrome Plating

MD Machine Services can Chrome Plate Rods up to 45ft long using Industrial Hardened Chrome. It doesn’t matter how badly pitted or scored the Rod is, we can always bring it back to factory specifications.

We can Chrome Plate up to 0.016 (sixteenth thousandths).

By providing us with exact dimensions of the rod, MD Machine Services can give you an exact Free Quote! Once approved you will have your Rod back within 2 days.

We also Chrome Plate all types of Rollers for manufacturing facilities which always includes a Free pickup & Delivery.

MD Machine Services can also apply different types of Alloys to suit your needs. Such as Nickel, Bronze, Tungsten Carbide, and more !

Did you know?

Free Pickup & Delivery

Free Estimates

Emergency Turnaround 1-3 Days

Cost Savings from 50-80% of New

Sell of New parts & New tools as well as all makes and models of Rebuilt Hydraulic Hammers from 250lb to 16,000lb breaker.

Chrome Plating Gallery