Machine Services



Valve Trim

 Machine Services has the Capibilty of Manufacturing, Repairing & Reverse Engineering all types of Valve Trim Such as Fisher, Copes-Vulcan, CCI, Yarway, Masonelian ETC. We Repair the Seat, Stem, Cage, Plug, Ring ETC.

When Your Outage is Right around the Corner and You need Valve Trim Repair done at a Fraction of the Cost and on Emergency Basis here at MD Machine Services We are just a Phone call away. You will not be Dissapointed by Our Staff which is on Call 24/7. Even if You have a Quote from Other Competitors we will Outbid them.

When you Think that Your old Valve Trim is ready to be thrown out or If you have any Obsolete Parts, Send them over to MD Machine Services Where We will Try our Best to Repair it like New, And if We are not able to repair if its so badly worn, We will Reverse Engineer and make up Brand new Valve Trim Saving You Thousands of Dollars.


Here at MD Machine Services We Repair & Recondition all types of Pumps, Centrifugal, Split Case, Boiler Feedwater, Vacuum, ETC.

Flow-Serve, Ingersoll-Rand, Goulds, Vaughan, ETC.

We Weld Repair the Shaft, Impeller, Sandblasting, Provide Mechanical Seals, Bearings, Gaskets, Casing Rings,etc.

Hydraulic Cylinders

We Repair & Recondition all types of Hydraulic Cylinders such as ATR, Parker, Feeder , Grate Drive, Storz, Martin, Ash Transfer Ram Etc

We Rechome Rods upto 40ft Long, Replace Seals using Longer Stronger Seals then OEM. Rehone Barrels, Bring them back to factory specs for Longer Wear life. We also Repair Obsolete Items.

Call or e-mail and ask for a brochure on Power Plant Maintenance for more information.